Vintage Carpet Colour Inspiration: Blue

Decorators from all over the world agree that blue is the easiest colour to work with, as it has the unique power to create both a cosy and a very elegant flair. Look at the clear sky and the deep blue see – it is an elemental shade that simply everybody feels comfortable with. Our artfully designed blue vintage carpets come in a huge variety of hues, from deep to soft blue nuances, rendering them able to perfectly complement any kind of home décor and,- adding to the individual ambiance you desire.

Place a deep royal blue designer carpet in a room, where you wish to achieve a noble, sophisticated setting. As an accent colour, it may easily modernize your traditionally decorated room,- while the gorgeous patterns of our blue vintage carpets add a glorious, graceful feel to it.  A dark midnight-blue vintage carpet has a strong, soothing power, contributing to an inviting, seductive atmosphere.

If you wish to add liveliness to your space, a crisp blue vintage carpet or blue patchwork carpet is an excellent choice. Place an intensively over-dyed vintage carpet in deep warm blues in any social area such as your living room or dining room to use its invigorating effect. Especially a vivid denim blue, ocean blue or slate blue vintage carpet may set an exciting colour statement, particularly in rooms with lighter colours.

Give your space a nautical or Mediterranean feel, matching your vibrant blue vintage carpet or blue patchwork carpet with shiny white home arrangements. With a blue vintage carpet you may also create a spectacular colour scheme. Blend your blue vintage carpet or blue patchwork carpet with complementary reds and oranges for a mood full of character. Since this colour is a true all-rounder, it harmonizes surprisingly well with any bold or soft shades and patterns. Add pleasant clarity and freshness to a simple room, placing your blue designer carpet close to massive, wooden furniture. You will be impressed by the space’s new vitality and cosiness. To let the impulsive hues and patterns of your blue vintage carpet shine, we recomment that you place it on lighter flooring.

Cooler, ice-blue shades suggest calmness and clarity and have the unique quality to optically stretch your room to make it seem larger. Our unique vintage carpet compositions feature delightful, modern retro designs with soft blue shadings that ooze style while keeping your space tranquil and peaceful. Integrate your light blue vintage carpet or light blue patchwork carpet into a room with white or natural tones as predominant shades. Cool blue retro carpets also work very well with soft greens and light greys for a luminous feel with clean vibes.

Whatever your concept or vision may look like, a blue designer carpet is a secure option to add pizazz to your home while you may rest assured that each of your visitors will simply love its new inspiring flair.

Visit our website and look out for our amazing blue vintage carpets and blue patchwork carpets, combining classic and contemporary designs with real masterpieces that are made to last a lifetime.

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