Extra Sales and discount offers

How can I get extra sale discounts?

Our system daily selects carpets randomly with Extra flash sales valid for approximately 24 hours.

The return fees are 88€ per carpet when buying with Flash sales. 

Customers who have previously returned a carpet for a refund cannot benefit from our offers.

Product Information

Can I request a carpet on the website to be sent to a Showroom in Germany to view before buying?

Yes, we have partner showrooms in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg. 

Please email us the carpet code(s). There is a charge of 100€ per carpet. You are not obliged to buy the carpet. The Showroom staff will contact you when the carpets have arrived. The carpet(s) will be reserved for seven days for you to come and examine in person. After payment completion, the pick up is from the showroom.

How are vintage carpets produced?

As the original producers of premium handmade vintage carpets, we have gradually mastered and perfected the art of creating the highest quality and most sought-after rugs. We invented the term “vintage carpets" and acquired the domain name vintagecarpets.com to sell directly to our customers at the best prices.

All our vintage carpets are genuine and unique handmade rugs that are around 30 to 50 years old. Each carpet is truly one of a kind and has to meet our highest quality standards to be selected for our collection. Long before others had discovered the techniques, we took advantage of our skills and our contacts worldwide to obtain the most perfect Persian rugs.

First, our highly skilled specialists trim the rugs and expose the original patterns and colors to the sun. This brings an elegant contemporary look to the rugs. The carpets are then steam-washed to lighten the color tones as much as possible.

Our experts decide which carpets to keep for their prized natural stonewash effect, and which carpets to dye in an exciting range of vibrant colors in stunning shades. The final result is a perfect fusion of old and new that will add an extra dimension to the décor of any interior.

Only the very best stonewash and vintage overdyed carpets are selected to be sent to our shop and placed online. We are proud to offer the largest and most impressive selection of vintage rugs. With currently over 30,000 satisfied customers around the world, we enjoy high demand from repeat customers who also recommend us to their family and friends.

What happens after I place an order?

You will receive a confirmation message shortly after placing your order. Our experts will carefully examine your chosen carpet and clean it once again before shipment, which is usually on the next business day.

As soon as your carpet is shipped, you will receive an automated email from UPS with the tracking number. You can track your carpet at www.ups.com.

Should you do not receive an automated email, please email us and we will issue you with the tracking information directly.

How can I request a video for a carpet that has no video link?

Please email us your carpet code selection. We will take a video in the shop as soon as possible and email you the link. Whenever possible, we will also take videos with your carpet selections placed side-by-side to help you compare and choose the one that’s best for you. We provide this service only for our registered customers. We are unable to offer this service on Sundays or during holidays or busy periods.

How accurate are the colors of your carpet photos?

All the photos of our carpets are taken professionally with a high-resolution digital camera. The photos are therefore as close to the actual carpet colors as possible. However, please be aware that the type, quality and age of the screen you use for viewing the carpets can affect how the photos and colors are displayed on your monitor.

To assist you further in making the best choice and to help you avoid disappointment, we also provide video links for viewing the carpets

Why are the colors sometimes different in the videos and photos?

Where the colors in the videos and photos appear different, in our experience the videos will be more accurate. The photos are taken outside in natural light and can look a little brighter and lighter. The videos, which are made inside the shop, generally reflect the true colors more accurately. Also, as the shades of color in carpets can appear different depending on the angle you view them from; the videos allow us to explain the variations. Videos also give us the opportunity to describe the beauty of a carpet in more detail as well as point out any imperfections.

Should you need any assistance, please contact us at info@vintagecarpets.com

Do you have a shop I can visit?

Our main Flagship store is in Athens Greece where we stock most of our carpets,

You can also visit us at our stores in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg. In each showroom, we have over 100 carefully selected examples of our larger online collection. Please call in advance to inform the showrooms staff to prepare the carpet you wish to see before visiting the store. You can also arrange with the stores directly to take the carpet of your choice to try at your home before committing to buy.


Duxiana Berlin

Knesebeckstrasse 54

10719 Berlin Germany

T: +49 3031802024

How can you guarantee the quality of your vintage carpets?

As the original producers of vintage carpets, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the very best vintage carpets worldwide, and we guarantee the highest quality. We always use Persian or Turkish carpets as the foundation for all our vintage rugs. All our carpets are 100% handmade from premium handspun wool and natural dyes. Our carpets must meet our strict quality standards to be included in our collection.

Can you supply an identical carpet to one that is sold?

No, every carpet in our collection is one of a kind and 100% handmade. Once a genuinely unique carpet is sold, it can never be replaced. We hope you can find another carpet in our collection that you like.

Can you customize a carpet to the size I need?

Yes, we can reduce the length or width, depending on the style and pattern. For best results, we recommend that you choose a carpet without an obvious pattern or design. Also, please note that customized carpets have to be paid for in advance and do not have the usual money-back guarantee. Additionally, reducing the size involves an extra charge of 50€ for each side that is altered, and we require an extra 10 days to complete the work.

Why should I buy my vintage or patchwork carpet from your company?

We are the original producers of Persian vintage handmade rugs. We have dedicated ourselves to producing the best quality vintage carpets. We also have the largest available selection of exclusively vintage and patchwork carpets. Over 20,000 customers worldwide choose us mainly for the following 10 reasons:

1. We are the producers and specialists for vintage and patchworks carpets 

2. We sell only 100% handmade vintage and patchwork carpets 

3. We give you a best price guarantee

4. We give you a best-quality guarantee

5. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee

6. We provide free door-to-door delivery with UPS to any address in Europe

7. We have a 100% secure payment system online via credit card, bank transfer, and cash-on-delivery (COD)

8. We have a friendly, prompt and polite customer service team

9. You can watch videos of your carpet selection for comparison before placing your order

10. We provide free carpet underlays for every carpet you purchase

Why don’t all carpets have a video link?

We have a large selection of carpets on our website, but as we supply thousands of carpets to customers all over the world, it takes time to make individual videos for each new arrival. To request a video for any carpet, please email us at info@vintagecarpets.com with the carpet code, and we will give it a priority.

Why are some carpets selected for the clearance sale?

Rugs that have minor faults are placed in our clearance sale and there is an additional discount on them. A carpet from the clearance sale can be a real bargain but we highly recommend that you watch the accompanying video before placing an order.

What advice can you give for choosing a vintage or patchwork carpet?

We advise you to buy from a specialist that actually produces the vintage and patchwork carpets.

Vintage carpets are semi-antique carpets that need a dedicated specialist to lovingly restore the carpet before dyeing it.

You should avoid buying vintage carpets from companies that sell all types of carpets from many different countries.

Avoid carpets that have been repaired badly by non-specialists. Due to age and wear, some carpets might have areas that are unrepairable, and these issues should be highlighted in a photo or video.

For more information, please refer to the Buyers Guide in our INFO section

How do you keep your prices lower than other online shops?

When you buy from vintagecarpets.com you are buying directly from the producer. We do not pay commission to any third parties and focus all our efforts on providing customers with top-quality carpets at the very best prices. We also have the best price guarantee. We promise to match any price from another supplier for the same quality of carpet.

I’ve seen similar carpets on different websites. How should I choose?

Simply comparing the pictures and prices on different websites is not enough and can be misleading. The most valuable advice we can offer is to carefully watch a video for a more detailed view of the carpet.

We also strongly advise that you choose a producer who also has an actual, physical shop. Real shops are known to offer better quality than online stores, as they have a higher level of responsibility to their customers. The quality of the original carpet used and the methods and standards applied in the production process for vintage carpets are also tremendously important.

How clean are the carpets?

All our carpets are professionally cleaned in accordance with the highest European standards of hygiene.

Our vintage carpets are washed several times during the production process to obtain their characteristic faded look. Also, the carpets are stored in the cleanest environment in our boutique shop

How do I use the free anti-slip underlay provided?

As a goodwill gesture, we are happy to supply complimentary underlay for every carpet purchased.

Simply cut the underlay into 4 equal parts using a pair of scissors then place the pieces under the corners of the carpet. The carpet will firmly rest on top of the underlay, preventing it from sliding. Underlays also help to avoid accidents and damage.

Delivery Information

How long does the shipping take?

Whenever possible, your carpet will be shipped after 9 - 14  business days. It typically takes a further 4 to 6 working days for the carpet to arrive with UPS.

Please note, we operate actual shops, during specific periods we may get busy, and there can be delays in the shipment. 

Additionally, during our final inspection before shipment, some carpets may need extra care and attention from our expert team, and this may cause additional delays.

In case your order is urgent, please contact us before placing an order.

Once your carpet has been shipped, you will receive an automated email from UPS with the tracking number. You can track the carpet at www.ups.com.

I did not receive a tracking number

We prepare and ship most carpets within 48 hours after receiving the order. During busy periods, there can be a small additional delay.

Due to their email firewalls, some customers do not receive the emails with tracking information from UPS. Please email us at info@vintagecarpets.com and we will provide you with the tracking number.

How can I return a carpet for a refund?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee for our E.U customers.

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return the carpet(s) for a refund. 

The return process is very simple:

Email us your order ID and the code(s) for the carpets you wish to return at info@vintagecarpets.com. We will then email you a pre-paid UPS slip.  Kindly print the label and pack the carpet(s) as they were sent to you. Next call UPS to request a collection. Once the carpet(s) has been returned and examined, we will make a refund within 3 working days.

What are the return fees if I wish to return my carpets?

The following return fee charges apply for EU countries only. For Sweden and Finland, please refer to your own language section.

For customers who:

When you buy 1 carpet the return fee is 38€ per item.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free shipping to customers who have previously returned carpets for a refund.

For large and heavy carpets, we will contact you before shipment in cases where the above rates do not apply.

What shipping methods do you use?

We cooperate with the international courier service UPS. Once the carpets are shipped, we will send you a tracking number to check the progress of your carpet on their website (www.ups.com).

What are the delivery costs?

There are no shipping costs for purchases over 350€ within Europe.

Are there any additional taxes to pay?

Vintagecarpets.com is a registered EU-based company. Therefore our EU customers are not charged any additional taxes.

Customers from outside the EU are responsible for paying import taxes and clearance fees in their own country.

Do you ship outside of Europe?

For delivery charges outside Europe, please select ‘UPS Express’ in the delivery section of the checkout.

We are unable to offer the payment option of cash-on-delivery for our customers outside the EU. There are no money-back guarantees or exchanges possible for customers not in the EU.

Additionally, customers are responsible for paying any import taxes and customs clearance fees for deliveries outside the EU.

Should you need any additional help, please feel free to email us at info@vintagecarpets.com.

Do you ship to Switzerland?

Yes, we regularly send carpets to our customers in Switzerland. Shipping to Switzerland is free but you will have to pay any import taxes or fees.

Our courier UPS will ensure that the whole process is very smooth and efficient.

Please note that our cash-on-delivery option (COD) does not apply and that we are unable to offer a money-back guarantee for countries outside the EU.

You are welcome to call us for further information at  0800 186 0790

Payment and Security

Can I pay with Paypal?

Paypal is an American company, and we sell Persian carpets made in Iran. Due to the American sanction on Iran, we can not provide the Paypal payment option.

We provide cash on the delivery payment option to make our customers feel more confident. We are also happy to take additional videos and pictures for you.

How do I make a purchase?

Please select the carpets you wish to purchase and add them to your cart. Once you have made your final selection, you will need to enter your details and select a payment method at the checkout.

For further assistance please email us at info@vintagecarpets.com

What are the terms and conditions of cash-on-delivery (COD)?

Please choose the COD option at the checkout. This service is only available within the EU, and an extra charge of 28€ will apply. When the UPS courier delivers your carpet(s), you will need to pay in cash. Should you wish to return the carpet(s) afterwards, the COD fee is non-refundable. 

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, you can. Please email us at info@vintagecarpets.com to confirm the order before transferring funds. Our account details:

Bank:  Eurobank 

Name: AR Vintage Carpets Limited

IBAN: CY61018000010000200100444537


Account number: 200100444537

How secure are the transactions?

All our transaction are 100% secure. Your personal financial data is unknown to us or not shared with any other third parties.

How can I pay for my carpet?

We accept Credit cards, and you can pay by bank transfer. Alternatively, EU based customers can pay cash on delivery ( COD ) to our transport partner UPS.

How can I pay with SOFORT?

Simply pay while you are shopping online. By entering your familiar online banking login details and confirmation codes with a maximum level of security. The online shop will receive real-time transaction confirmation immediately after the transfer has been listed.

Additional FAQs

I called but no one answered

We’re sorry we missed your call. Sometimes we are very busy with customers in the shop or you may have called at a time outside our opening hours.

Please try again later or email us at info@vintagecarpets.com with your phone number and we’ll gladly call you back. 

Which languages do you speak?

We speak fluent English, and additionally, we can respond to your emails in your own native language through our translators.

Do you have a special service for decorators?

Yes, we have an exclusive range of rare and valuable large-size vintage carpets that are not displayed in our online store. Decorators from around the world often visit us to see our wide selection of premium extra-large vintage carpets. As we treat all our customers equally, the prices are the same for everyone. 

Are any children employed in the manufacture of vintage carpets?

At Vintagecarpets.com we produce our own exclusive range of vintage carpets under our own supervision. No children are involved in any part of the production. 

Wash and Maintenance

How easy is it to clean vintage carpets?

Very easy. One of the main advantages of vintage carpets is that they collect very little dirt, due to their short pile. Vintage carpets can be cleaned on both sides using a vacuum cleaner.

We strongly advise you to avoid using water, detergents or carpet shampoo on your vintage carpets as these can cause fading or cause the colors to run. If a carpet gets stained, we recommend seeking the advice of a professional carpet cleaner.

How should I store my vintage carpets?

Vintage carpets are similar to other types of carpets when it comes to maintenance. We recommend storing them in a dry place, wrapped in a cotton sheet to allow the carpets to breathe. Mothballs should not be placed directly on the carpets, but elsewhere in your storage area. Please avoid exposing your carpets to strong sunlight as this can cause the colors to fade.

Contact the owners directly via whatsApp +306985998888