Casa Oskar’s Premium Overdyed Purple Vintage Rug

We recently heard from another one of our happy customers. Mr. Holger Börner’s the owner of Hotel Villa Salve in Hamburg, Germany and he recently bought our stunning purple overdyed Persian carpet for his gorgeous serviced apartment and it looks great!

When you’re looking for a new carpet for your business place, overdyed vintage rugs work perfectly. Not only are they modern and fashionable and the hottest trend, they’re also very durable thanks to the overdyed carpet’s excellent quality. Choosing the right distressed rug for a hotel or private apartment can really lift a room, adding that special touch! You’ll be sure to impress your hotel guests with your impeccable taste!

We think our Persian premium purple vintage carpet in Mr. Holger Börner’s serviced apartment “Casa Oskar” in Hamburg looks fabulous. It’s complemented by a classy choice of elegant wooden furniture and neutral coloured furnishings.

Overdyed vintage carpets are a popular trend amongst bespoke hotels, luxury holiday rental accommodation, shops and restaurants.

You’ll be surprised as to how just one large repurposed vintage carpet can transform a space – it adds a whole new dimension to a room. What’s more a shaved overdyed vintage rug is easy to care for, as they’re one of the easiest carpets to clean, making them one of the most stylish and practical carpet choices on the market.

Not only was Mr. Holger Börner kind enough to send in his pictures of his impressive apartment showcasing our gorgeous purple overdyed carpet, he also left us a glowing review on our TRUSTPILOT feedback page – thank you!

Compliments – Can’t ask for any more !

We are constantly looking for unusual pieces for our Serviced Apartments in Stade near Hamburg. Vintage Carpets, Amir Reza Sobati is the partner we have wished for! Top Contact, Top Ware, delivery within a few days! It does not get any better! Holger Börner, Villa Salve – Serviced Apartments – Stade near Hamburg

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