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Our handmade vintage carpets suit all styles of homes, from apartments to houses with large, open spaces. One of our happy customers placed a blue vintage overdyed carpet in the living room of their summer residence. It’s only fitting that such a magnificent home should have a unique and premium-quality carpet. And this shining example serves as further proof that while vintage carpets naturally look beautiful with traditional décor, they also suit the contemporary decor.

Texture, rather than colour is a prominent architectural feature of the summer residence. So, the ocean-blue carpet adds just a subtle hint of colour to the neutral grey, white and timber décor, without overpowering the other elements. The rich shade of blue in this overdyed carpet provides the perfect connection from the home’s interior to the ocean it overlooks, helping to bring the outdoors in and create a serene atmosphere.

Vintage overdyed carpets are the perfect choice for year-round flooring solutions. Because we carefully shave the pile of these rugs, they are quite thin. So, they add a degree of warmth to a home, without being overwhelming in warmer weather. This is particularly true in this home. By positioning the carpet over a section of the floorboards, it adds a sense of comfort to a large, open space. Our customer also loves that the shaved pile means their vintage carpet is easy to keep clean.

Although the carpet is thin, is it is still very durable. That is because we only work with carpets we know are authentic Persian or Turkish carpets. They are skillfully handmade from cotton and wool, which retains its pile very well. That means this blue vintage overdyed carpet is built to last, making it a practical choice for an area like a living room, which is likely to receive quite a lot of foot traffic.

Carpet placement is an essential component of interior decorating. In this summer residence, our customer cleverly used a vintage carpet to divide their open-plan living spaces. A carpet helps to ground furniture and separate the living space from the dining area. This allows everyone to share an open space, as well as the cool sea breezes in an organic way. The careful placement of the carpet just beyond the edge of the couches helps to expand the section dedicated to the living room.

At, we’re proud to see our carpets featured in beautiful and well-loved homes, just like our customer’s summer residence. We love that our customer chose a high-quality blue overdyed vintage carpet to add a splash of colour to their living room. And surrounded by all that beautiful water, an ocean-blue vintage carpet was undoubtedly the perfect choice for them.

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