Persian vintage rug

Persian Vintage rug

If you’re looking for proof that you don’t need an interior designer to make your rooms look amazing, you’ll find it in these photographs. This apartment owner selected our blue Persian vintage rug to add style, colour and warmth to their bedroom. The premium quality vintage carpet provides a burst of colour that really changes the room’s appearance and feel.

The Persian blue vintage carpet has been carefully chosen to complement the neutral tones in the bedroom and take the styling to the next level. This distressed vintage carpet has been injected with a burst of rich blue colour in our careful overdying process. Because the room favours textural elements, rather than a lot of colour, the bold blue of our Persian vintage carpet doesn’t compete for attention with the other design elements. An ottoman and a pair of throw pillows echo the deep blue of the vintage carpet in more subdued tones to tie the interior design together.

Because our carpets are a fusion of old and new, they are very versatile and suit traditional and contemporary décor, just like this bedroom which blends elements of both. The wall panelling and ottoman provide a traditional feel, while the pale timber flooring and geometric bedcovers are more contemporary. When royal blue and white are paired, they usually create a nautical feel. But, in this case, the home-owner has achieved a look that is modern, elegant and original.

The Persian blue vintage handmade carpet has been positioned so that the beautiful blonde herringbone floor is still visible while lending some extra warmth to the light-filled room. This vintage carpet is perfectly placed underneath the end of the bed. This makes the bedroom interior look more elegant, but also makes space look larger. The placement creates a sense of balance and symmetry within the room. Placing one large carpet under the end of the bed is much more effective than placing smaller carpets on each side.

It’s not only a good design choice to place a vintage rug under the end of a bed, but also a practical decision. Vintage carpets don’t collect as much debris, so they stay hygienic and continue to look clean. That’s because we carefully shave the pile of the carpet, meaning it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as thick carpet. Our Persian vintage carpets are comfortable underfoot for the home-owner, but durable too.

At, we are happy to be able to share our love of Persian vintage carpets with home-owners all over the world. We love that our happy customer chose a high-quality Persian blue vintage carpet for their apartment bedroom. We feel they certainly selected the perfect size and colour of vintage carpet to add a beautiful burst of personality to their décor.

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