Overdyed Turkish Turquoise Blue Vintage Carpet

A handmade Vintage carpet can completely transform a room’s appearance, and a beautiful vintage inspired rug can look fabulous with all styles of furniture. Not only does a vintage woolen carpet enrich the floor space, it also complements the home décor and accessories.

One of our happy customers, who recently purchased a bespoke vintage living room carpet, is proof that adding a unique vintage carpet to a contemporary living space can lift a room and finish it off perfectly. We feel they have done an amazing job choosing the right carpet colour that adds a contrast of colour and brings out the neutral tones of the walls, floors and the existing elegant furnishings.

The bright turquoise blue carpet adds that extra special something to this modern lounge, making the floor a piece of art in itself. The colourful throw cushions and modern feature wall that showcases classic colourful comic characters are stylish and are now beautifully balanced thanks to the addition of our large handmade overdyed designer carpet.

The geometric positioning of furnishing and the elongated L-shape couch also frame our large vintage carpet wonderfully. Adding a touch of colour in a plain coloured room makes all the difference and enhances the room’s ambiance. A bright blue vintage carpet adds warmth, personality and a sense of uniqueness.

Extra finishing touches to a living room with the right living room accessories will also help make your carpet stand out more and fit better. Our customer has got it just right by adding a few coloured ornamental vintage bottles to the coffee table– we love it!

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