Vintage carpets in an interior designed apartment in Munich.


Vintage carpets

vintage carpets in an interior designed home.


Vintage carpets are a popular choice for interior designers when looking to design even the most luxurious apartment to the highest standards. Our customers are very often interior design companies and architects looking for the edge in their projects. In this superior designed home in Munich only the best would do, for very demanding clients. The vintage carpets have to meet the highest Persian quality handmade standards. They also had to be extra large sizes to fit the 4 meter long dining table. These extra large carpets have become very difficult and rare to source.


Persian handmade vintage carpet

Handmade dark grey Vintage carpet under a dining table that is ready to last the test of time


The Swiss based interior design team at Esko selected for the fifth time. They have found us to be a reliable partner. We provided our assistance with finding the perfect carpets for their clients. They rewarded us with these amazing pictures of the final work. We are very glad and proud to share them with our customers and readers.


Vintage teppich Munich

A very long dining table requires an extra large vintage carpet to fill the space.


We at only deal in the highest quality and best vintage overdyed carpets. The distressed look in our vintage carpets are what give our traditional carpets the perfect used look. Our overdyed carpets combine effortlessly with all styles of furniture. The simple look of too many carpets has become frankly a tired look that does not last the test of time.


vintage teppich

Persian vintage carpets combined effortlessly with modern furniture, enhancing the look of the furniture in your home.


We are very thankful for our growing and loyal list of interior design companies that collaborate with us and recommend our vintage carpets and website to their customers and friends. We are confident that you will also find your perfect vintage carpets, in all the colours possible, in our collection of over 5,000 unique carpets.

Mein Mann und ich sind die Besitzer von Ich bin beschäftige mich mit großer Begeisterung mit der Innenraumausstattung und kümmere mich in unserer Teppichherstellung um alle Fragen rund um das Design der Teppiche. Ich freue mich, meine Ideen, sowie die Erfahrungsberichte und Fotos unserer Kunden auf unserem Blog teilen zu können.

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