Hotel V Bonn Germany

We are very grateful to Hotel V in Bonn Germany for their trust in purchasing the carpets for their beautiful and stylish hotel from our website and also for sending these amazing pictures to us to be able to share in our blogs and social media channels. We are the original producers of Persian handmade stonewash carpets. We are also the company that gave the name stonewash carpets to this new style of production. Stonewash carpets are a convenient option for businesses as they are beautiful carpets and also they are the best quality carpets making them the perfect choice for hotels that expect a high amount of foot traffic. Stonewash and vintage carpets very easy to clean and maintain as the top layer of wool have been shaven giving them a very retro style semi-antique look that will add an exciting type of elegance to any decor.

High quality and practical stonewash carpets in Hotel V Bonn

Each stonewash carpet in our collection is unique, and this will ensure that no other Hotel will have the same exact carpets. This factor is especially important when a business wants to create its unique signature look. This is getting harder to achieve in a world of duplicated styles. Persian stonewash carpets have proven to be the right choice for Hotels, and we invite other Hotels to decorate their business from our collection of 100% handmade vintage and stonewash carpets.

We hope you can visit in person and stay in the beautiful Hotel V in Bonn and check out our carpets in person and make sure you send our greetings to the owners.

A Blue Vintage Overdyed Carpet in a Summer Residence

Blue Vintage Overdyed Carpet adds a hint of colour

A blue vintage overdyed carpet adds a hint of colour to a neutral, contemporary space.

Our handmade vintage carpets suit all styles of homes, from apartments to houses with large, open spaces. One of our happy customers placed a blue vintage overdyed carpet in the living room of their summer residence. It’s only fitting that such a magnificent home should have a unique and premium-quality carpet. And this shining example serves as further proof that while vintage carpets naturally look beautiful with traditional décor, they also suit the contemporary decor.

Texture, rather than colour is a prominent architectural feature of the summer residence. So, the ocean-blue carpet adds just a subtle hint of colour to the neutral grey, white and timber décor, without overpowering the other elements. The rich shade of blue in this overdyed carpet provides the perfect connection from the home’s interior to the ocean it overlooks, helping to bring the outdoors in and create a serene atmosphere.

Blue Vintage Overdyed Carpet is thin but durable

The blue vintage overdyed carpet is the perfect year-round flooring solution.

Vintage overdyed carpets are the perfect choice for year-round flooring solutions. Because we carefully shave the pile of these rugs, they are quite thin. So, they add a degree of warmth to a home, without being overwhelming in warmer weather. This is particularly true in this home. By positioning the carpet over a section of the floorboards, it adds a sense of comfort to a large, open space. Our customer also loves that the shaved pile means their vintage carpet is easy to keep clean.

Although the carpet is thin, is it is still very durable. That is because we only work with carpets we know are authentic Persian or Turkish carpets. They are skillfully handmade from cotton and wool, which retains its pile very well. That means this blue vintage overdyed carpet is built to last, making it a practical choice for an area like a living room, which is likely to receive quite a lot of foot traffic.

Carpet placement is an essential component of interior decorating. In this summer residence, our customer cleverly used a vintage carpet to divide their open-plan living spaces. A carpet helps to ground furniture and separate the living space from the dining area. This allows everyone to share an open space, as well as the cool sea breezes in an organic way. The careful placement of the carpet just beyond the edge of the couches helps to expand the section dedicated to the living room.


Blue Vintage Overdyed Carpet in architectural residence

We are proud to have one of our vintage carpets displayed in this residence which is an architectural delight.

At, we’re proud to see our carpets featured in beautiful and well-loved homes, just like our customer’s summer residence. We love that our customer chose a high-quality blue overdyed vintage carpet to add a splash of colour to their living room. And surrounded by all that beautiful water, an ocean-blue vintage carpet was undoubtedly the perfect choice for them.

A Persian Blue Vintage Handmade Carpet is Perfectly Placed in an Apartment Bedroom

Persian blue vintage carpet

A Persian blue vintage carpet is positioned to create symmetry and a sense of space in this beautiful apartment bedroom.

If you’re looking for proof that you don’t need an interior designer to make your rooms look amazing, you’ll find it in these photographs. This apartment owner selected our Persian blue vintage handmade carpet to add style, colour and warmth to their bedroom. The premium quality vintage carpet provides a burst of colour that really changes the room’s appearance and feel.

The Persian blue vintage carpet has been carefully chosen to complement the neutral tones in the bedroom and take the styling to the next level. This distressed vintage carpet has been injected with a burst of rich blue colour in our careful overdying process. Because the room favours textural elements, rather than a lot of colour, the bold blue of our Persian vintage carpet doesn’t compete for attention with the other design elements. An ottoman and a pair of throw pillows echo the deep blue of the vintage carpet in more subdued tones to tie the interior design together.

Because our carpets are a fusion of old and new, they are very versatile and suit traditional and contemporary décor, just like this bedroom which blends elements of both. The wall panelling and ottoman provide a traditional feel, while the pale timber flooring and geometric bedcovers are more contemporary. When royal blue and white are paired, they usually create a nautical feel. But, in this case, the home-owner has achieved a look that is modern, elegant and original.

The Persian blue vintage handmade carpet has been positioned so that the beautiful blonde herringbone floor is still visible while lending some extra warmth to the light-filled room. This vintage carpet is perfectly placed underneath the end of the bed. This makes the bedroom interior look more elegant, but also makes the space look larger. The placement creates a sense of balance and symmetry within the room. Placing one large carpet under the end of the bed is much more effective than placing smaller carpets on each side.

Persian blue vintage carpet is durable

Placing a Persian blue vintage carpet under the end of a bed is practical because vintage carpets are durable and hygienic.

It’s not only a good design choice to place a vintage carpet under the end of a bed, but also a practical decision. Vintage carpets don’t collect as much debris, so they stay hygienic and continue to look clean. That’s because we carefully shave the pile of the carpet, meaning it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as thick carpet. Our Persian vintage carpets are comfortable underfoot for the home-owner, but durable too.

At, we are happy to be able to share our love of Persian vintage carpets with home-owners all over the world. We love that our happy customer chose a high-quality Persian blue vintage carpet for their apartment bedroom. We feel they certainly selected the perfect size and colour of vintage carpet to add a beautiful burst of personality to their décor.

Persian Vintage Carpets Elevate a Boutique Hotel in Barcelona

Gold Persian vintage carpets

A golden yellow handmade premium quality Persian carpet grounds this hotel seating area in a boutique hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

Our handmade vintage carpets work in any setting, from apartments to hotels and even modern businesses. But it’s hard to imagine a better home for our vintage carpets than Hotel Duquesa de Cardona – a 19th-century Barcelonan palace which has been transformed into a popular hotel. Stunning port views, luxury design and contemporary styling are the signature of this boutique hotel.

Professional hotel decorators love our carpets which have become an integral part of their interior design. Carpets provide a focal point for a room and add character to larger spaces. A golden yellow vintage carpet was chosen to be a bright feature of this boutique hotel’s interior. The rich colour and Persian design tie the decor together for a stunning look. Yellow overdyed carpets are perfect for creating an uplifting energy for hotel guests and making sure their stay is memorable.

The hotel decorator also chose a turquoise Persian overdyed carpet to add warmth to the modern décor of the hotel library room. Highlighting that whilst vintage carpets naturally work with traditional décor, they suit contemporary décor too. That’s because our high-quality handmade carpets are a bold fusion of old and new. The turquoise vintage carpet used in Hotel Duquesa de Cardona’s library grounds the different tones of green used on the walls to give it the perfect balance for an atmosphere of harmony. We can certainly imagine curling up by the fireplace with a good book and a gorgeous vintage carpet at our feet!

Turquoise Persian vintage carpets

A turquoise vintage carpet mirrors the wallpaper to create flair in a hotel library.

Our handmade vintage carpets are ideal for the high-traffic areas of hotels because of their excellent durability. Wool retains its pile well, which is why we only work with authentic Persian and Turkish carpets. Whether it’s a guest suite, lobby or reception area, vintage carpets are the best choice because they are built to last.

Our handmade vintage carpets are easy to maintain, which is another reason why hotel-owners love them. We carefully shave the pile, which means the short pile that remains can collect very little dirt. Therefore, the Persian vintage carpets continue to look clean but also stay hygienic. This is important for hotels which must adhere to high standards at all times.

At, we are happy to be able to supply the hotel industry and share our love of Persian vintage carpets with the world. Hotel Duquesa de Cardona’s decorator is so pleased with their first order of two carpets that they have placed another order for beautiful overdyed carpets. We look forward to sharing the photos of their new carpets with you!


Overdyed Vintage Persian Carpets for Boutique Hotels

vintage carpet

Handmade Persian vintage carpet

A five-star boutique hotel deserves 5-star interior design. This includes everything from the lighting to the soft furnishing to the decorative carpet. A striking contemporary distressed vintage carpet can really change a room’s appearance and it’s no wonder that our overdyed vintage carpets are becoming the most popular choice for restaurants, hotels and serviced apartments.

When it comes to decorating a luxurious boutique hotel with the perfect vintage carpet, you want to make the ultimate design statement, and choosing an overdyed Persian carpet can accomplish this as they finish off the hotel’s décor perfectly. The right distressed vintage rug can look perfect in a hotel lobby, private suite, and in the hotel’s hallway. They add an excellent visual appeal to a room and can work well in both contemporary and traditional-style hotels.

You cannot compromise carpet quality when decorating your boutique hotel. A hotel, no matter what its size, will always see a lot of foot traffic, meaning you’ll also need to make more of a conscious choice when choosing your coloured decorative overdyed carpets to ensure they last a long time.

Handmade vintage overdyed Persian carpets are high-quality carpets, but what’s more they’re also easy to clean and maintain, which also means your new designer vintage carpets will last you longer; this is especially thanks to the distressed rug’s shorter pile. These heavy-duty carpets not only transform a room’s look they’ll also help preserve the hotel’s flooring from high-traffic areas, such as the lobby, restaurant or hallway.

An authentic vintage overdyed Persian carpet will always be made out of wool, which means the carpet will be soft, but at the same time, it will also retain its pile well.

There’s no denying it – a vintage overdyed carpet is the right and smart choice for your hotel’s space. But why limit just decorating a hotel with one? An overdyed distressed looking carpet works well anywhere!

Vintage carpets in an interior designed apartment in Munich.


Vintage carpets

vintage carpets in an interior designed home.


Vintage carpets are a popular choice for interior designers when looking to design even the most luxurious apartment to the highest standards. Our customers are very often interior design companies and architects looking for the edge in their projects. In this superior designed home in Munich, only the best would do, for very demanding clients. The vintage carpets have to meet the highest Persian quality handmade standards. They also had to be extra large sizes to fit the 4-meter long dining table. These extra large carpets have become very difficult and rare to source.


Persian handmade vintage carpet

Handmade dark grey Vintage carpet under a dining table that is ready to last the test of time


The Swiss-based interior design team at Esko selected for the fifth time. They have found us to be a reliable partner. We provided our assistance with finding the perfect carpets for their clients. They rewarded us with these amazing pictures of the final work. We are very glad and proud to share them with our customers and readers.


Vintage teppich Munich

A very long dining table requires an extra large vintage carpet to fill the space.


We at only deal in the highest quality and best vintage overdyed carpets. The distressed look on our vintage carpets is what give our traditional carpets the perfect used look. Our overdyed carpets combine effortlessly with all styles of furniture. The simple look of too many carpets has become frankly a tired look that does not last the test of time.


vintage teppich

Persian vintage carpets combined effortlessly with modern furniture, enhancing the look of the furniture in your home.


We are very thankful for our growing and loyal list of interior design companies that collaborate with us and recommend our vintage carpets and website to their customers and friends. We are confident that you will also find your perfect vintage carpets, in all the colours possible, in our collection of over 5,000 unique carpets.

Grey vintage high quality handmade carpet in interior design service apartment

grey vintage carpet

Grey vintage handmade carpet in an interior design service apartment.

Grey vintage high quality handmade carpets are a popular choice for interior designers. We are very proud the professional and highly respected interior design team of Constana Service apartments chose our carpets to decorate their new service apartments. Not only do our handmade vintage carpets add to the beauty of the rooms but our rugs are also easy to maintain making them the practical choice.

High quality Vintage carpets with handmade knots, that are shaven to be thin, leave very little space for dust and dirt to hide. Light colour Vintage carpets are an excellent choice for both the hot summer months and the colder winter months, as they are made of wool. We specially love how the interior designers have mixed light silver grey vintage carpets with bright blue vintage carpets to make the perfect combination with modern furniture.

One of the most sought after colour in our vast range of vintage carpets collection is the very popular silver grey vintage handmade colour option. The grey vintage carpet has a very soft and neutral appearance that effortlessly combines with all other colours that can be found in the home. The grey vintage carpet has a quiet and subtle tone. The grey vintage carpet can add beauty to a room and be even the main focus of the room but without imposing itself.

In our website you will always find a wide variety of different shades of grey vintage carpets. We have light grey and dark grey vintage carpets so that you can find the perfect shade of grey vintage carpet. Infact we can say you can find all 50 shades of grey in our vintage carpets collection.

Vintage carpets are the best option when looking for smart and beautiful carpets for both private residential apartments and business premises.
We are grateful to the service apartment company Constant for sending us the following pictures.


grey handmade vintage carpet

Beautiful light grey handmade vintage carpet combines effortlessly with modern furniture.

overdyed vintage teppich lila

Casa Oskar’s Premium Overdyed Purple Vintage Rug

We recently heard from another one of our happy customers. Mr. Holger Börner’s the owner of Hotel Villa Salve in Hamburg, Germany and he recently bought our stunning purple overdyed Persian carpet for his gorgeous serviced apartment and it looks great!

When you’re looking for a new carpet for your business place, overdyed vintage rugs work perfectly. Not only are they modern and fashionable and the hottest trend, they’re also very durable thanks to the overdyed carpet’s excellent quality. Choosing the right distressed rug for a hotel or private apartment can really lift a room, adding that special touch! You’ll be sure to impress your hotel guests with your impeccable taste!

We think our Persian premium purple vintage carpet in Mr. Holger Börner’s serviced apartment “Casa Oskar” in Hamburg looks fabulous. It’s complemented by a classy choice of elegant wooden furniture and neutral coloured furnishings.

Overdyed vintage carpets are a popular trend amongst bespoke hotels, luxury holiday rental accommodation, shops and restaurants.

You’ll be surprised as to how just one large repurposed vintage carpet can transform a space – it adds a whole new dimension to a room. What’s more a shaved overdyed vintage rug is easy to care for, as they’re one of the easiest carpets to clean, making them one of the most stylish and practical carpet choices on the market.

Not only was Mr. Holger Börner kind enough to send in his pictures of his impressive apartment showcasing our gorgeous purple overdyed carpet, he also left us a glowing review on our TRUSTPILOT feedback page – thank you!

Compliments – Can’t ask for any more !

We are constantly looking for unusual pieces for our Serviced Apartments in Stade near Hamburg. Vintage Carpets, Amir Reza Sobati is the partner we have wished for! Top Contact, Top Ware, delivery within a few days! It does not get any better! Holger Börner, Villa Salve – Serviced Apartments – Stade near Hamburg


Vintage teppiche

The private apartment in Hamburg, Casa Oskar, looks fabulous with our distressed purple vintage carpet.

Berlin Vintage Teppiche

RETRORUG, Berlin – Overdyed Vintage Carpet Store

Our overdyed vintage carpets have gained a huge following around the world, especially in Germany, where we sell numerous overdyed vintage rugs on a daily basis. Our desire to serve our customers as much as possible is the main reason we decided to open up our flagship Retrorug vintage carpet store in Berlin, Germany.

RETRORUG GmbH is a unique carpet store selling handmade retro inspired overdyed vintage rugs. Located on Knesebeckstrase in the popular and busy Berlin district Charlottenburg, you’ll find our distressed carpet rug store and a host of knowledgeable vintage carpet experts, who are eagerly awaiting you so they can advise you on how to choose your new repurposed vintage carpet to enhance your space and complement your décor.

We understand that it is always better to see and touch your new overdyed vintage carpets, when possible. Although our vintage carpets photographs online are all of a high quality, and we also take as many videos of our carpets as possible, they are always going to look more accurate when you see and touch them in person. You will be able to see the exact shade of the carpet, and you will also notice where the carpet colours may differ due to our natural vintage rug dying techniques.

Our friendly sales team at RETRORUG will give you the best service to find the best vintage carpet for you, and advise you how to properly maintain your overdyed vintage rug to ensure you will get many years of use. So if you happen to be in Germany or visiting, we welcome you to our Berlin overdyed vintage carpet store. We are sure you will fall in love with at least one of our remade handmade vintage rugs.

RETRORUG, Berlin Germany – Our New Flagship Overdyed Vintage Carpet Store

Come and see and touch vintage overdyed carpets in our new Berlin carpet shop.

Overdyed Turkish Turquoise Blue Vintage Carpet

Vintage blue carpet

A touch of colour with an overdyed vintage blue carpet is all you need to lift a room to take it from nice to extraordinary

A handmade Vintage carpet can completely transform a room’s appearance, and a beautiful vintage inspired rug can look fabulous with all styles of furniture. Not only does a vintage woolen carpet enrich the floor space, it also complements the home décor and accessories.

One of our happy customers, who recently purchased a bespoke vintage living room carpet, is proof that adding a unique vintage carpet to a contemporary living space can lift a room and finish it off perfectly. We feel they have done an amazing job choosing the right carpet colour that adds a contrast of colour and brings out the neutral tones of the walls, floors and the existing elegant furnishings.

The bright turquoise blue carpet adds that extra special something to this modern lounge, making the floor a piece of art in itself. The colourful throw cushions and modern feature wall that showcases classic colourful comic characters are stylish and are now beautifully balanced thanks to the addition of our large handmade overdyed designer carpet.

The geometric positioning of furnishing and the elongated L-shape couch also frame our large vintage carpet wonderfully. Adding a touch of colour in a plain coloured room makes all the difference and enhances the room’s ambiance. A bright blue vintage carpet adds warmth, personality and a sense of uniqueness.

Extra finishing touches to a living room with the right living room accessories will also help make your carpet stand out more and fit better. Our customer has got it just right by adding a few coloured ornamental vintage bottles to the coffee table– we love it!